A New Approach To Credit Repair

Back on Track is a non-profit organization designed to help people without knowledge of how credit works to take back control of their finances. Above all, our mission is to help you get the respect you deserve from lending and credit card companies who often can’t see beyond “the number.”

Our primary goal is to educate people around the world on credit improvement and development, leading to the success of our clients. For the past 4 years, Back On Track has innovated by using leading edge tactics most credit repair companies have only just begun to learn about, including Metro 2 compliance, to repair our clients’ credit scores.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Back On Track has continued to evolve and serve underprivileged communities, revolutionizing the credit repair industry one happy client at a time.

Meet Pascha Nixon

CEO, Founder And Train Conductor

Ms. Nixon’s desire to educate as many people as possible on credit stems from the fact that she had to repair her own credit years ago. When she discovered how to do it for herself, it enabled her to afford a whole new quality of home and an outstanding vehicle that could safely transport her on the road towards achieving her dreams.

She always had a dream to help those who are less fortunate in the world, but she never thought she’d discover she was one of them! Now she leads the team at Back On Track to continuously study and research the most advanced methods of negative account removal, credit education and document preparation.

And as a result, Back On Track have become industry leaders in credit repair.

By educating the world about credit-building strategies, Pascha Nixon welcomes clients and encourages them to apply their newly acquired knowledge to live a better life with even better credit.

Her firsthand experience allows her to connect with her clients on a personal level, empowering them to become their own success story with the tools and insight that only she has to offer. That’s also why she created Back On Track’s proprietary pricing structure, to ensure that credit development services are both available and affordable to all.

Pascha Nixon

Your goals are our goals

Since 2017, Back On Track has helped thousands of our clients get into homes, vehicles, as well as obtain financing to start business endeavors that they once may have feared they would never be able to obtain. Let us help you, too!


Our prices were designed to be accessible to a wide range of budgets, featuring plans that range from $585 to $2,585.

To ensure the integrity of our plans, we enforce restrictions on our Coach-Low Income options, as they are only available to our clients who are experiencing financial hardship.

Our First Class package is your ticket to true financial freedom and covers everything you need for only $885.

The World Class Package is our most transformative option, covering excessive amounts of inquiries, along with bankruptcies for the low cost of $1885.

We also offer a higher-end Presidential Package for clients that require authorized user tradelines and would like to work directly with Ms.Nixon. Back on Track believes passionately that anyone should be able to successfully restore their credit and live the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

No matter how damaged or non-existent your credit is, our team can get you back on track fast!

Recommended by Celebrities!


“I had to level up, trust me spend your stimulus check on getting right.”


“Pascha Nixon is turning No’s to Yesses, and getting credit application approved.”

Hazel E

“They have been known to boost their clients scores over 150 points!”

Letoya Luckett

“Back on Track is changing credit whether you have bad credit or no credit at all.”


“Your financial picture is a direct representation of who you are.”