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This package is for clients who have Collections, Charge-offs, Repossessions, Evictions, and all other miscellaneous negative items. If you have a bankruptcy on your credit file you do not qualify for the coach package and must immediately move up to the World Class Package or Presidential Package.

Unfortunately, Bankruptcies require a more enhanced set of documents that are not prepared or included in this package. Please keep in mind credit monitoring is required through identity IQ the only way that we can see your credit is by signing up in obtaining an account with identity IQ. Identity IQ is $1 for 7 days after the 7 Days identity IQ is 21.99 per month and must be active and current during the entire time of the process, in other words, you must keep the subscription until the credit document process has been completed which in most cases can be 3 to 6 months.

If you have been disqualified or you are unable to use ID IQ or you just want another option you must use SMART CREDIT. We only work with ID IQ and Smart Credit. Smart Credit Is 29.95 and comes with Money Manager Unlimited and $1M Family Fraud Insurance. Again, Credit Monitoring is required. In this package, we will pull your report and challenge anything negative on your file including inquiries every 30 days as long as your monthly payment is paid. This Package is 285.00 for the Audit Fee and 85.00 per month retainer fee. You may add a tradeline with a 15,000 Limit for an additional 54.00 per month.

Bringing your total from 85.00 per month to 139.00 per month with a 15,000 tradeline.

Example: If you decide to keep us on retainer with this package for 12 months then every month for 12 months, we will check your credit report once per month and challenge any new inquiries or negative accounts. If you have a package with a tradeline you will automatically fall into this category.

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